'Surf Visor'

'Surf Visor'


Do you ever go surfing when the sun is bright, and spend the whole time shielding your eyes from the glare with your hand? Our ‘Surf Visor’ blocks the harsh sun rays to stops the squinting and sunburnt lips (how bad is eating hot food with sunburnt lips). It’s made for the perfect summer day of catching small peelers and hanging out with friends in the sun. The snug and comfortable fit is designed to stay on while surfing, exercising or during windy days at the beach. 

  • One size (elastic snug fit).

  • Made of 100% natural materials - no plastic.

  • Hand-made with love in Bali, Indonesia.

Color may vary from piece to piece due to the organic nature of the straw.

All prices shown are in USD.

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