About Us


Beach Access is a single-use plastic-free fashion label based in California, USA. Our goal is to be ethical and sustainable, while creating timeless garments for you to feel great wearing and feel great about wearing. 

Our swimwear and Island Essentials designs are inspired by our coastal summer lifestyle with an added vintage twist. Tay (BA Founder and Designer), grew up surfing in Southern California, and as a result many of our swimwear designs are created to be practical and comfortable to surf in, while still remaining delicate and feminine.


Our pieces are handmade with love and care on the island of Bali, Indonesia. We design all the garments ourselves. We put each garment design through a long sampling and field-testing process to ensure that it meets our high standards of quality, practicality and is super cute.

Our Island Essentials Collection is a regularly updated assortment of super cute market finds, made from natural materials such as straw. Tay spends a few months each year in Bali, working with our tailors to create new garment designs and searching the markets throughout the island for new Island Essentials pieces. She buys a sample of the pieces and then commissions a artisans to reproduced it. She then ships it back to the US for sale and distribution. We have eyes on the whole process, so we can make sure everything is done ethically and sustainably.


Our entire business is single-use plastic-free, including all packaging (yes, even shipping packaging). We only work with small local family business in Bali to produce our pieces, as they are in control of their own working conditions and this way we know for a fact no one is being taken advantage of and you can have peace-of-mind purchasing our products. Additionally, no animal products are used to make our pieces (another issue that is close to our heart).

We hope that your support for Beach Access will encourage other businesses to go plastic-free, and become more ethical and sustainable. We don't mind who you support, as long as they are doing the right thing for our oceans, and the people who enjoy them.


Beach Access Team x